Do you slow down…for… you?

Going to a beauty workshop is about vanity. (Of course it is! C’mon) 

It is also about knowledge

It is about free samples 

It is about product demonstration and trying out new brands

It is about being ‘in’ on all the new tips and trends.

But it is also more than that. 

For things we care deeply about, we would slow down and take time for them. 

Like our kids, our careers, our friendships, our cars…

So let me ask you again:

Do you

Slow down 

For you?

It is about taking an afternoon off, to jaunter into a place where you can mindfully focus on – you. The whole week has been given to your client, your family, kids, dogs, parents …you get the drift.

So that 2 hours workshop, is your way of saying:

“This is for me”. 

“I care about me”

“I am important, to me” 

Meet new sisters or brothers. 

Have tea and a chocolate cookie. 

Talk about beauty

Get to know all the latest skincare tips and trends. 

Slow down

Breath in

Feel beautiful

Look beautiful

Our first beauty workshop is about “The X steps of Korean skincare beauty regime and how to make it work for you” 

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Several dates and time are available.