Glowing Skin Is In!

Looking for that healthy glow? Or just want to achieve a more youthful complexion? We can help! Today, the beauty industry is saturated with millions of beauty products all promising to do anything from clearing breakouts to reducing wrinkles and you might not know where to start or what to use. If you want to proudly boast the “no makeup” makeup look the next time you go out with your girlfriends, follow along as we share the secrets to achieve fresh, dewy skin without the hassle of applying makeup! 

1. Drink lots of water

The key to fresh, hydrated skin starts from the inside, out! Experts recommend drinking about a half a gallon of water a day. Drinking water can increase skin elasticity, meaning fewer wrinkles, improve your complexion and flush out toxins, reduce any puffiness and even help clear acne breakouts! Drink up!

2. Get some sleep

Have you ever stayed up all night binge watching the newest Netflix show, just to wake up the next morning with dark circles and dull looking skin? Sleep is vital and not getting the recommended zzz’s can make acne worse and even speed up the aging process. So make sure you get your 7-9 hours a night!

3.  Hydrating cleansers are a must

Fresh faces start with a fresh face! To achieve glowing skin, you’re going to need a cleanser that removes any leftover dirt, debris, oils and makeup on your skin. Our Pore Clearance is a great choice for a mild cleanser that really scrubs your pores clean and gets the gunk out! It’s enriched with plant extracts to nourish and hydrate the skin, gently.

4. Moisturizing toner to pat into the skin

After applying your cleanser, you’re going to want to follow it up with more moisture! Swanicoco’s Fermentation Snail Care Skin Toner is a great choice because not only does it add an extra shot of moisture and it helps balance out the pH of your skin, you’re also getting a ton of beneficial nutrients like snail mucin which can stimulate collagen production and help repair signs of aging.

5. Exfoliate once or twice a week

If you want glowing skin, this is not the step to skip! Using a gentle exfoliator gently sloughs off any buildup of dead skin and can also reveal a brighter complexion. Our Be More Than Silky Scrub is a gentle facial exfoliator that can improve your skin’s texture by removing build up and even helping to rid your face of black or whiteheads!

6. Try adding a rich serum or oil

Skin oils and serums can help with tired, dried out skin and can also brighter your complexion and fight bad breakouts. Our lightweight Organic Jojoba Pure Oil keeps your skin supple, soft and prevents moisture loss. And for all you oily skinned girls out there don’t be afraid to add this crucial step to your routine! By starving your skin of necessary oils, it actually produces more oil to balance out the loss of moisture!

7. Opt for an illuminating moisturizer

We know that a great moisturizer is vital on your quest to glowing skin and one that combines elements of hydration and brightening properties is the perfect option for that coveted dewy appearance! Our Stem Cell Radiance Cream is formulated with fermented ingredients like bifida ferment lysate and fermented yeast to nourish the skin and various plant extracts that create a protective barrier to lock in moisture. The added green tea and wild ginseng help to boost radiance and brighten the skin.

8. Add an SPF

Always pat an SPF on to your face before you head out the door! A good SPF can shield your delicate facial skin from harmful UV rays and can help prevent premature aging, prevents unsightly sunburn and lowers your risk of skin cancer.

9. Eat clean!

There’s been numerous studies on what you put into your body can greatly affect the output; try sticking with lean, organic meats and fatty fish, leafy greens, healthy fats, fruits and nuts for glowing, beautiful skin.

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