It’s 2019 and all we want to do is wear makeup that fools everyone into thinking we’re wearing no makeup at all; isn’t that a little weird? With K and J beauty taking the world by storm, it’s no wonder this trend is so popular. K and J beauty focus on using dependable, essential products for glowing, supple, hydrated skin. With porcelain skin and off-duty model vibes being all the rage (just take a scroll through your Instagram feed), the no makeup makeup look is definitely here to stay! Gone are the days off thinking that just supermodels and famous movie stars possess a different gene than us regular gals that allows them to look flawless and be ultra-confident without an ounce of makeup on! We’ve broken down some easy tips and tricks to help you transform your face from ghastly gargoyle (just kidding!) to glowing goddess in as little as 15-20 minutes!

Start with Your Skin

The no makeup makeup look all starts with a great base, so make sure you prep your skin before getting started. Once you’ve cleansed and applied your serum it’s so important to moisturize! Grab a lightweight, super hydrating moisturizer that sinks into the skin quickly, like Swanicoco’s Fermentation Snail Care Emulsion. It’s packed with a ton of good-for-your-skin ingredients like licorice root water and snail secretions that boost the look and feel of your skin and help give it that “glow from within” look. 

Prime Time

Once you lay a great base, follow up with a primer. Primers help you achieve a smooth base and you can tailor them to your skin type. If you suffer from oily skin, grab a mattifying primer. Large pores? A pore filling primer will do wonders for your skin! Our favorite primer to start any makeup look is our Blur Primer. If a perfectly smooth, flawless face (think Instagram or Snapchat filters) is what you’re going for, try this! With added ingredients like green tea and centella asiatica, your face is well on its way to perfection.

Light Coverage

If leaving the house without some kind of coverage scares you, opt for a BB or CC cream. BB’s, or blemish balms, are great for someone with acne-prone, troubled skin. Our Swanicoco Astaxan Blemish Balm is perfect for someone who struggles with blemishes and wants to even out their skin tone. Its main ingredient is astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant. CC cream, or color-correcting, is great for someone who just wants to even out their skin tone, cover any acne spots or hide their dreaded under eye bags. Why not try our Swanicoco CC Pact White Swan Cushion? This product helps smooth fine lines, reduces redness, brightens skin and has the ultra-important SPF in it! Try applying with a damp sponge to achieve that sheer, glowing dewiness.

Lightweight Concealer for Problem Spots

If you didn’t get enough sleep last night or have “that time of the month” pimples popping up, add a lightweight concealer to your no makeup makeup routine. We love our Swanicoco A.C Control Burger Cushions. These adorable little cases house an amazing product that can conceal facial flushing, enlarged pores and any trouble spots as well as calming irritation and inflammation! This is a step that you can feel free to skip if your BB or CC cream feels like enough coverage for you. Remember, no two routines are exactly the same!

Cream Makeup Everything

If you feel naked leaving the house without a little flush, grab some blush in a cream form and apply with your fingers or a damp sponge. Cream products help blend everything together and they sink into your skin better than powder products. Set with a light powder to ensure it stays in place all day!

Dewy Glow

This is a step we don’t recommend skipping! Adding a dewy, cream based highlighter to the high points of your face (think nose, cheekbones and chin) will help to enhance and bring out that glow! Opt for highlighters that aren’t glitter based or unnatural colors so you’ll truly shine from all the right angles.

Mascara or Nah

This step is really up to you. Add a volumizing mascara that coats but doesn’t clump to your top lashes to lightly open up your eyes. Or, rock your natural lashes! Either way works for this look.

Bushy Brows

Bushy brows are in and a staple to any no makeup makeup look! Gently brush them into place and use a clear brow gel to enhance the beauty of your natural brows.

Pouty Lips with an Exfoliator

Before applying a sheer gloss, tint or a blotted, satin lipstick, exfoliate your lips with Swanicoco’s More Than Smooth Lip Scrub. This gentle exfoliator will help keep your lips hydrated all day and will provide a great base for whatever lip product you choose to use!

Popsicle Lips

Ahh, the good ol’ days of enjoying a popsicle and having that natural tint to your lips! Fake it with a blotted lipstick, stain, gloss or tint!

That’s it! Fresh, glowing skin with hardly any makeup on! Add a spritz of our Lock Up Make Up Fixer for an instant burst of cooling hydration and dewiness that also sets your makeup and you’ll be good to go. You’ve now achieved supermodel status so get out there and show the world what you’re made of with your quick and easy no makeup makeup look!

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